Hair loss (alopecia)

Hair loss is common to millions of individuals worldwide.

It is natural to shed hair but when the hair sheds in excess that's called alopecia/ hair loss.

The rate at which the hair fall varies between individuals.

When it occurs as baldness which is common to men or to women who lose their hair mostly because of plaiting or genetic reasons, the impact can be very devastating.

Well, hair loss can actually be reversed when the right treatment is given.


Alopecia is an autoimmune condition, where your immune system fight against your own body.

In the case of alopecia, the immune systems attack the hair follicles

Alopecia is genetic especially for baldness in men. This means if one of your parent experience hair loss there is a 90% chance that you are likely to get alopecia.

Hair loss, especially along the hairline, is usually caused by breastfeeding of frequent plaiting of the hair for women.


Our dermatologist combine treatment options to ensure that you only get the best result. There several treatment methods such as PRP, Hair transplant and medication. After an examination with our dermatologist, you will advise on the best treatment to suit your needs and also be advise on ways to prevent or avoid hair loss.