Laser stretch mark removal

When the skin stretches due to weight gain/ loss and it is stretched beyond its elasticity ability the stretch marks occur.

When the stretch marks occur is exposed areas such as arms and legs they can be so unpleasant and limiting in the attire you wear.

It gets more frustrating when you've tried all these creams with no success, but don't worry, laser stretch marks technology is a perfect way to remove stretch marks completely.

Laser resurfacing

The laser beams are focused on the stretch marks and remove the outer layer of the damaged skin to stimulate the growth of a new skin.

The treatment takes about 45 min up to 4hrs depending on the areas to be worked on.

The con of this procedure is that it can be painful but for our patients, we have taken care of that since we use topical anesthetics before the procedure is performed.

After treatment, the skin appears red which is normal and it should go away within a few weeks.

The treatment takes 3-5 session with each session done on a monthly interval.