Laser hair removal

If you're uncomfortable with frequent shaving, tweezing, waxing and so on, laser hair removal is a perfect option to consider.

With Laser hair removal treatment, shaving your hair becomes a habit of the past.

The laser hair removal works on


Bikini lines







Hair removal is a perfect solution for people who experience hirsutism (women with abnormal hair growth on their face and body due to high levels of testosterone)

How the procedure works

First, the hair is trimmed, then the laser machine is put in a mode that best suits the color, thickness, and type of your hair.

The light beams of the laser are concentrated on the hair follicles, then the hair follicles die when hair follicles absorb the light.

There are different 4 stages of hair growth ( Anogen- growing phase, Catagen- regression phase Exogen- shedding phase Telogen- resting phase) and the targeted hair stage is the Anogen for laser hair removal to be effective.

Gradual change takes between 2-4 weeks after treatment.

Depending on your type of hair our dermatologists usually recommend from at least 6 sessions with each session being done on a monthly basis.