Keloids occur as a result of a skin injury.

A keloid is an abnormal big scar. It is a skin disorder that occurs the skin fails to form a normal scar but instead it forms multiple of layers of scars. When the scar tissues grow in excess, forming a smooth and hard growth it is then called a keloid.

They occur mostly on the earlobes, chest, chin and the back of the head (Acne keloidalis nuchae), although they can occur on any part of the skin.

The extent to which the keloids over grow varies from individual, there some that tend to get exaggerated scar growth while others get moderately big scar growth.

Keloids can be quite uncomfortable especially when you get glowing stares from other people in as much as keloids do not affect your health.


The cause of keloids known to be hereditary, where people with the predisposition or family history of keloids are more likely to get keloids in the occurrence of a skin injury.

Studies show that people with AHNAK gene are more likely to develop keloids.

The prevention measure could be avoiding getting pierced, tattoos or skin injuries if your skin is prone to getting keloids


Our dermatologists take the necessary and crucial treatment when it comes to treating keloids to ensure that they do not reoccur even after removal. Keloid requires special care, we have specialized in offering effecting methods of treatment to halting the chance of keloids reoccurring.