Skin Whitening

Skin whitening involves the reduction of melanin pigments of the skin giving a lighter complexion. The amount of melanin in the skin is the determining factor of the skin color, those with dark skin have more melanin compare to those with white skin. The genetic structure is the key factors that determine the production of melanin in the skin. Sun exposure can also affect the production of melanin

Skin whitening helps in dealing with



Dull skin

For those who desire to have a lighter skin tone, we provide intravenous glutathione skin whitening treatment that lightens your skin evenly. The glutathione is administered through IV and spread through the body evenly. The injections are administered until one gets the desired skin tone. The injections are done after a week.

The glutathione also comes in pills packages where for those who are not comfortable with injections can do pills.

Despite its power to work as a whitening agent, Glutathione is known to have many health benefits in the body.

How Glutathione works

We all have glutathione in our bodies so once more glutathione is administered in our bodies because of its anti-melanogenic effects, it reduces the quality of melanin in the skin hence the lightening effect.

Glutathione is very safe in our bodies since eliminates the toxins in the body, supports the central nervous system, increase fertility levels and boost immunity.

The safe thing about glutathione is it like vitamin s in our bodies it gradually breaks down and is filtered in the body through normal metabolic balance, the is for those who need to achieve a lighter skin tone they have to repeatedly take injections or pills after a period of time to maintain the lighter skin tone.