Laser birthmarks removal

A birthmark is not something we are in control of but when they appear on places that make us uncomfortable then it disturbs our emotional stability.

A birthmark is a darker skin pigmentation since birth, some are smooth, while others are elevated on the skin surface and are a bit bumpy.

The birthmarks occur when the skin pigment (melanin) is produced in excess in a certain area of the skin.

Laser birthmarks removal gives you a beautiful new sense of confidence especially the one or more agonizing birthmarks.

How it works

The laser beam is concentrated on the birthmarks to reduce the melanin level in that particular place.

The treatment is not a one-off, it requires several session to reduce the skin pigment, it takes at least 6 sessions on average, thou depending on the individual there those even in 2 sessions the birthmarks are completely gone.

The procedure takes approximately from 45min depending on the size of birthmarks to be removed.

With the aid of topical anesthetics, the procedure is no longer painful since the creams subside the pain that comes with the process.