It is a hyperpigmentation that causes brown spots on the face, it rarely affects other parts of the body but there is a 5% chance that it can appear on the forearms.

Melasma is very common amongst women around 20-60 years and rarely does it affects the males.

It appears on the upper cheeks, upper lips nose, and chin.


Melasma is primarily thought to be caused by external exposure of the sun rays, external hormones such as birth pills controls and internal hormonal changes as seen in pregnancy.

Melasma can also be hereditary where people with a predisposition or known family history of melasma have a high possibility of being affected by melasma.

Additionally, products or drugs that may cause excess production of melanin may increase the chance of getting melasma.

Prevention measures include avoiding external exposure of direct sun rays with hats when outdoors and sunscreen.


Our expert dermatologist ate Keridam Skin clinic are thorough when it comes to melasma treatments. Based on the observation and history given our dermatologist give oral and topical medication and laser skin rejuvenation therapy. Treatment takes from 6 months with gradual changes seen after a month of taking medication. Frequent appointments are highly recommended to ensure that a close review of the treatment progress by the dermatologist.